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Financial Capital

Financial capital is the core of business. The means of obtaining it, though, vary constantly.  Our focus has historically been on small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups and social enterprises. We have an intimate familiarity with the structuring of financing transactions of all types: angel, seed, impact and venture funding, bank loans, SBA programs, mergers and acquisitions and PIPEs. 

"Select a firm that specializes in the kind of work you require. To review venture capital finance work, you should not hire Uncle Joe the divorce lawyer because he is cheaper, or  a Wall Street law firm simply because it has a big name."  Guy Kawasaki, The Art of the Start.



Digital Capital

Digital Capital is both substance and process.


Substantively, for us, it is the law applicable to digital content:  copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, privacy, e-commerce, copyleft and open source. It is the degree to which our rendering services leverages every digital advantage to get you the best result at the best cost with the best timing. It is the way in which our network of alliances delivers one-stop-shopping legal solutions in over 35 countries. It is the means by which we use our contacts to cross-pollinate our clients and increase value for them. It is the recognition that client-originated and client-focused solutions are the only viable "way to go" in an era of instant information.



Brand Capital

Branding isn’t a buzz-word, it's a cognitive process; the mental shortcut we make between an icon or phrase and its origin and quality.  Lawyers call it trademark, trade dress and sometimes copyright. You know it as your lifeblood. We protect it as such.



Human Capital


The Problem:  Ultra-rapid technological change.  Explosion of electronic-based social interaction.  Decisionmaking under conditions of uncertainty.  Negotiating with inadequate or misleading information.  Cognitive biases.  Irrationality.  The endowment effect.  Survivorship bias.


The solution:  Judgment. Experience. Skill. Intuition. Common sense.


The result:  Better outcomes. Proper risk management. Sustainable business relations. Peace of mind.


Human capital is often thought of as what your team brings to the table, so we'd like to tell you what ours does. Years of experience in our substantive areas of law. Expertise in negotiation, alliance building, facilitating international business landings.


But what we are is dedicated human beings, proud Lawyer Partner of Advocates for International Development (Lawyers Fighting Poverty) and proud to donate significant  professional time to NGOs, particularly those aimed at economic empowerment, access to justice and bottom of the pyramid solutions.




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